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The 41 miracles recorded in the Gospels


The 41 miracles recorded in the Gospels

Here is a table of all the miracles recorded in the four Gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. These are the four memoirs of Jesus’ earthly ministry which were recognised widely across the early church as authoritative.

Miracles are signs of the inbreaking rule of God, long promised, but not yet fulfilled.

In Matthew 10 Jesus sends out the apostles to heal and expel demons. In his instructions the command to proclaim the kingdom comes later on. This order is not accidental. Jesus also operated in this way. He did miracles and this required explanation. Words are an explanation of the acts and deeds and miracles. Lesslie Newbigin notes that just as healings without preaching are meaningless, so also “the preaching is meaningless without the healings… [the preaching] is the true explanation for what is happening, but if nothing is happening no explanation is called for and the words are empty words. They do not answer any real question.” (Newbigin, p.132)

“…just as the ministry of Jesus was marked by mighty works which, for those with eyes to see and ears to hear, were signs of the presence of the kingdom of God in power, so in the life of the church there will be mighty works which have the same function. They are not — so to say — steps on the way to the kingdom, but unveilings of, glimpses of that kingdom which is already a reality, but a reality known only to those who have been converted.” (Newbigin, pp.107-108)

“The mission is an expression of the authority Jesus has on earth and in heaven as he sits at God’s right hand. It is manifest in the powers which the presence of the Spirit confers on the church so that it becomes — both in its words and in its deeds — a witness to the reign of Jesus. And mighty works are promised as part of the fulfilment of the mission.” (Newbigin, p.108)

To the extent that we are present as foretaste, agents and signs of the kingdom we are connecting heaven to earth — doing what we plead for in what we call the Lord’s Prayer.

In 2010 33 Chilean miners were rescued from deep beneath the earth.

Luke, speaking of the events, teaching, and miracles of Jesus’ life recorded in his Gospel, wrote:

1 In my former book, Theophilus, I wrote about all that Jesus began to do and to teach until the day he was taken up to heaven, after giving instructions through the Holy Spirit to the apostles he had chosen.” (Acts 1:1-2, NIV-UK).

Christ is still working miracles through his people in our day.

So here’s a table that I hope captures all the miracles recorded in the Gospels.

Have I missed any? Please message me if you spot any errors or omissions!

1Two blind men healedCapernaum9:27-31
2Dumb spirit cast outCapernaum9:32-33
3Healing of all the sickBy Sea of Galilee14:14
4Temple tax providedCapernaum17:24-27
5Deaf man healedBy Sea of Galilee7:31-37
6Blind man healedBethsaida8:22-26
7Jesus escapes from crowdNazareth4:28-30
8Miraculous catch of fishLake of Galilee5:1-11
9Widow’s dead son raisedNain7:11-17
10Disabled woman healedPerea13:10-17
11Man healed of dropsyPerea14:1-6
12Ten men healed of leprosynear Samaria17:11-19
13Malchus’ ear healedGethsemane (Jerusalem)22:50-51
14Water turned into wineCana of Galilee2:1-11
15Remote healing of fever of official’s sonJesus in Cana, healing in Capernaum4:46-54
16Disabled man healedPool of Bethesda in Jerusalem5:1-9
17Jesus escapes from crowdTemple in Jerusalem8:59
18Man born blind healedJerusalem9:1-7
19Lazarus raised from the deadBethany near Jerusalem11:38-44
20Miraculous catch of 153 fishSea of Galilee21:1-14
21Many healedGennesaret14:34-366:53-56
22Canaanite (Syro-Phoenician) woman’s daughter healedThe region of Tyre15:21-287:24-30
23Miraculous feeding of 4,000Sea of Galilee15:32-398:1-10
24Withering of fig tree by curseMount of Olives, Jerusalem21:18-1911:12-14, 20-23
25Centurion’s paralyzed servant healedCapernaum8:5-137:1-10
26Demonised, blind and mute man healedGalilee12:2211:14
27Man with unclean spirit deliveredCapernaum1:21-274:31-36
28Peter’s mother-in-law healed of a feverCapernaum8:14-171:30-314:38-39
29Everyone brought to Christ was healed and deliveredCapernaum8:161:32-344:40-41
30Storm stilledSea of Galilee8:23-274:35-418:22-25
31One or two demonised men deliveredGadara8:28-345:1-138:26-33
32Man healed of leprosyCapernaum8:1-41:40-455:12-14
33Jairus’ daughter raised back to lifeCapernaum9:18-265:21-24, 35-438:40-42, 49-56
34Woman healed of blood haemorrhageCapernaum9:18-265:24-348:42-48
35Man healed of paralysisCapernaum9:1-82:1-125:17-26
36Man’s withered hand healedGalilee12:9-143:1-66:6-11
37Demonised and epileptic boy healednear Caesarea Philippi17:14-219:14-299:37-43
38Two blind men (one named Bartimaeus) healednear Jericho20:29-3410:46-5218:35-43
39Christ walked on waterSea of Galilee14:22-336:45-516:15-21
40Miraculous feeding of 5,000Sea of Galilee14:15-216:30-449:10-176:1-14
41The resurrectionJerusalem28162420-21
Number of miracles recorded in each Gospel24212310
Number of miracles unique to each Gospel4277

You can read more about the kingdom of God here.


Lesslie NEWBIGIN, The Gospel in a Pluralist Society, Eerdmans, Grand Rapids, Michigan, 1989

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